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Oil quality profile summary
March 17, 2018
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Oil INCI summary
March 17, 2018

Oil fatty acid summary

Oil fatty acid table summarizes the fatty acid profile used in My Soap Calc™. The values serves as backbone in determining the corresponding hardness, cleansing, creamy, bubbly, silky, longevity, comedogenic, and other related values on soap quality calculations.

OilLauric acidMyristic acidPalmitic acidStearic acidRicinoleic acidOleic acidLinoleic acidLinolenic acid
Abyssinian oil0032018114
Almond Butter01915058160
Almond Oil, sweet0070071180
Aloe Butter4518830720
Andiroba/Crabwood/Carap/Karaba oil0028805190
Apricot Kernel Oil0060066270
Argan Oil01140046341
Avocado oil00202058120
Avocado butter00211005362
Babassu oil502011401000
Baobab oil01244037282
Black cumin (Nigella Sativa) Seed oil00133022601
Black currant (Ribes Nigrum)00620134629
Borage oil00104020435
Brazil Nut Oil001311039360
Broccoli seed oil, Brassica Oleracea0031014119
Buriti Oil0017207171
Camellina seed oil00620241945
Camellia oil, tea seed009207780
Candelilla Wax00000000
Canola oil0042061219
Canola oil, high oleic0042074124
Carnauba (Copernicia cerifera) wax00000000
Carrot seed oil0040080130
Castor oil000090440
Cherry kernel oil, p. avium00830314511
Cherry kernel oil, p. cerasus0063050400
Chicken fat01257038210
Cocoa butter00283303530
Coconut oil 76 degree4819930820
Coconut oil 92 degree4819930820
Coconut oil, fractionated21000000
Coffee bean oil, green0038809392
Coffee bean oil, roasted0040008382
Cohune oil51138301830
Corn oil00122032511
Cottonseed oil001313018521
Cranberry seed oil00620233732
Crisco, new with palm00205028406
Crisco, old001313018520
Cupuacu Butter0083504220
Duck fat, skin and flesh01269044131
Emu oil0023904780
Evening primrose oil000000809
Flax oil, linseed00630271350
Ghee, any bovine411281201921
Goose Fat00216054100
Grapeseed oil0084020680
Hazelnut oil0053075100
Hemp oil00620125721
Horse oil032650102019
Illipe butter00174503500
Japan wax018070400
Jatropha oil, soapnut seed oil0097044340
Jojoba liquid wax ester000001200
Karanja oil0066058150
Kokum butter0045603610
Kpangnan butter0064404910
Kukui nut oil00620204229
Lanolin liquid wax00000000
Lard, pig tallow01281304660
Laurel fruit oil251151031261
Lauric Acid991000000
Linseed oil, flax00630271350
Loofa Seed Oil, Luffa cylinderica00918030470
Macadamia nut butter0161205631
Macadamia nut oil009505920
Mafura Butter, Trichilia emetica01373049111
Mango seed butter0074204530
Mango seed oil0082705281
Marula Oil0011707540
Meadowfarm oil00000000
Milk fat, Butterfat (any bovine)411281201921
Milk Thistle oil0072026640
Mink oil00000000
Monoi de Tahiti oil44161030020
Moringa oil007707120
Mowrah butter002422036150
Murumuru buttter47266301530
Mustard oil, kachi gha0022018149
Myrstic acid099000000
Neatsfoot Oil00000000
Neem seed tree oil022116046120
Nutmeg butter383400500
Oat oil00152040390
Oleic acid000009900
Olive oil00143069121
Olive oil pomace00143069122
Ostrich oil31266037173
Palm kernel oil49168201530
Palm kernel oil, hydrogenated49178160400
Palm oil01445039100
Palm stearin0260502670
Palmitic acid009800000
Palm olein01405043110
Papaya seed oil, Carica papaya0013507630
Passion fruit seed oil, Maracuja00103015701
Pataua (Patawa oil)0013407831
Peach kernel oil0062065251
Peanut oil0083056260
Pecan oil0072050392
Perilla seed oil00620151656
Pistachio oil00111063250
Plum kernel oil0030068230
Pomegranate seed oil003307778
Poppy seed oil00102017692
Pracaxi (Pracachy) seed112204422
Pumpkin seed oil, virgin00118033500
Rabbit fat03306030205
Rapeseed oil, unrefined canola0041017139
Raspberry seed oil00300135526
Red palm butter01445039100
Rice bran oil01223038342
Rose hip oil00420124631
Sacha Inchi, Plukenetia Volubilis00430103548
Safflower oil0070015750
Safflower oil high oleic0052077150
Sal butter0064404020
Saw palmetto extract29118203541
Salmon oil0519302321
Sal palmetto oil29139203141
Sea Buckthorn seed oil00730143638
Sea Buckthorn seed and berry oil00301028100
Sesame oil00105040430
Shea butter0054004860
Shea oil, fractionated00610073110
Soapquick, conventional13617354281
Soapquick, organic135203045100
Soybean oil00115024508
Soybean, 27.5% hydro0091504171
Soybean, fully hydrogenated0011870000
Stearic acid000990000
Sunflower oil0074016701
Sunflower oil, high oleic003408341
Tallow bear027307090
Tallow beef26282203631
Tallow deer012024030153
Tallow goat511233002920
Tallow sheep410241302650
Tamanu oil, kamani001213034381
Tucuma seed butter48236001300
Ucuuba butter0003104450
Walmart GV shortening14351403761
Walnut oil0072018600
Watermelon seed oil001110018601
Wheat germ oil00172017580
Yangu, cape chestnut00185045301
Zapote seed oil, Aceite de Sapuyul or Mamey00921052130
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