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Castile Soap Making: Pure Olive Conditioning Soap
March 15, 2018
Oil fatty acid summary
March 17, 2018
coconut oil

My Soap Calc™ oil profile table summarizes the hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly, creamy and other important values used in calculating the projected quality and outcome of your handmade soap recipe.

Abyssinian oil6033059870
Almond Butter2517412470118
Almond Oil, sweet7089079997
Aloe Butter7463963119241
Andiroba/Crabwood/Carap/Karaba oil3606003668120
Apricot Kernel Oil60930610091
Argan Oil151811149595
Avocado oil220700228699
Avocado butter3106103167120
Babassu oil857010701515230
Baobab oil2916712875125
Black cumin (Nigella Sativa) Seed oil1608301613362
Black currant (Ribes Nigrum)80880817812
Borage oil1406801413555
Brazil Nut Oil2407502410090
Broccoli seed oil, Brassica Oleracea70930610567
Buriti Oil1907901970153
Camellina seed oil80880814444
Camellia oil, tea seed1108501178115
Candelilla Wax6806006010612
Canola oil60910611056
Canola oil, high oleic6090069690
Carnauba (Copernicia cerifera) wax0000084
Carrot seed oil409304560
Castor oil009890908695
Cherry kernel oil, p. avium1108701112862
Cherry kernel oil, p. cerasus90900911874
Chicken fat3315913269130
Cocoa butter6103806137157
Coconut oil 76 degree796710671210258
Coconut oil 92 degree796710671210258
Coconut oil, fractionated100100010001324
Coffee bean oil, green4605004685100
Coffee bean oil, roasted400480408793
Cohune oil756421641130175
Corn oil1408401411769
Cottonseed oil2607102610889
Cranberry seed oil80920815040
Crisco, new with palm2507402511182
Crisco, old2607002693115
Cupuacu Butter5404404339153
Duck fat, skin and flesh3615813572122
Emu oil3205503260128
Evening primrose oil00890016030
Flax oil, linseed9090091800
Ghee, any bovine551522154030191
Goose Fat2706402765130
Grapeseed oil1208801213166
Hazelnut oil8085089794
Hemp oil80900816539
Horse oil3434933179117
Illipe butter6203506233152
Japan wax881418711204
Jatropha oil, soapnut seed oil1607801610291
Jojoba liquid wax ester0012008311
Karanja oil120730128598
Kokum butter6003706035155
Kpangnan butter5005005042149
Kukui nut oil80910816824
Lanolin liquid wax000002783
Lard, pig tallow4215214157139
Laurel fruit oil422658261674124
Lauric Acid100100010000280
Linseed oil, flax9090091800
Loofa Seed Oil, Luffa cylinderica2707702710879
Macadamia nut butter1916011870118
Macadamia nut oil1406101476119
Mafura Butter, Trichilia emetica4116114066132
Mango seed butter4904804945146
Mango seed oil3506103560130
Marula Oil1807901873119
Meadowfarm oil0595009277
Milk fat, Butterfat (any bovine)551522154030191
Milk Thistle oil90900911581
Mink oil0000055141
Monoi de Tahiti oil7360260139246
Moringa oil1407301468124
Mowrah butter4605104662132
Murumuru buttter82731873925250
Mustard oil, kachi gha40410410172
Myrstic acid999909901246
Neatsfoot Oil0000090
Neem seed tree oil3925823772121
Nutmeg butter9086586446116
Oat oil1707901710486
Oleic acid00990092110
Olive oil1708201785105
Olive oil pomace1708301784104
Ostrich oil3645743297128
Palm kernel oil756518651020227
Palm kernel oil, hydrogenated90664662420227
Palm oil5014914953145
Palm stearin6723326548151
Palmitic acid98000982213
Palm olein4615414558142
Papaya seed oil, Carica papaya180790186791
Passion fruit seed oil, Maracuja1308601313647
Pataua (Patawa oil)1708201777123
Peach kernel oil80910810887
Peanut oil110820119299
Pecan oil90910911377
Perilla seed oil8087081960
Pistachio oil120880129592
Plum kernel oil3091039896
Pomegranate seed oil60920622168
Poppy seed oil1208801214054
Pracaxi (Pracachy) seed62482468107
Pumpkin seed oil, virgin1908301912867
Rabbit fat3935533685116
Rapeseed oil, unrefined canola50390510669
Raspberry seed oil40940410856
Red palm butter5014914953145
Rice bran oil2617412510087
Rose hip oil60890618810
Sacha Inchi, Plukenetia Volubilis70930714147
Safflower oil70900714547
Safflower oil high oleic7092079397
Sal butter5004205039146
Saw palmetto extract504040401045185
Salmon oil2857252210669
Sal palmetto oil534236421144176
Sea Buckthorn seed oil1008801016530
Sea Buckthorn seed and berry oil310380318697
Sesame oil1508301511081
Shea butter4505404559116
Shea oil, fractionated1608401683102
Soapquick, conventional391956242559153
Soapquick, organic411855182356156
Soybean oil1608201613161
Soybean, 27.5% hydro2404902478113
Soybean, fully hydrogenated98000981191
Stearic acid99000992196
Sunflower oil1108701113363
Sunflower oil, high oleic70880783106
Tallow bear1227921092100
Tallow beef5884085045147
Tallow deer4514814431166
Tallow goat691631165340152
Tallow sheep511431143754156
Tamanu oil, kamani2507302511182
Tucuma seed butter77711371613175
Ucuuba butter3104903138167
Walmart GV shortening5454454949151
Walnut oil90780915445
Watermelon seed oil2107902111971
Wheat germ oil1907501912858
Yangu, cape chestnut230760239597
Zapote seed oil, Aceite de Sapuyul or Mamey3006503072116
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