How to make Soymilk and Oatmeal Cold Process Soap at home

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I made a dairy-free exfoliating cold process soap. I used soymilk and whole oats. This combo always turn out great, lots of bubbles, creamy

This soymilk and oatmeal soap is made from scratch. This cold process soap making method does not require any fancy equipment. It’s simple to make without using lots of supplies!

For the ingredients, I used olive, palm, coconut, castor and jojoba oil. You can use other oil combinations, just remember to plug your recipe into This soap calculator will also help you calculate the amount of lye that you need for your recipe. I also used sugar-free soymilk and whole oatmeal which gave the soap plenty of bubbles as well as exfoliating properties; essential oils for fragrance – this is optional because this recipe already smells great on its own!

For the equipment and tools, I used a 1-lb silicone soap mold. It is perfect for mini soap making projects; thermometer and scale is a must. You need spatula and mixing container. You can use any mixing containers that you have at home as long as it is stainless steel or polypropylene (look for PP or 5 symbol at the bottom of the container).

Remember to measure the oils in appropriate amounts using your soap mold’s specifications. To determine how much you need has a portion for calculating the capacity of your soap mold.

For the process you can watch my video tutorial:

First, prepare the lye-soymilk solution. I use sugar-free commercially available soy milk. Place the container in an ice bath to keep the temperature low. You can also freeze the soymilk but I prefer this method because its faster. Once the temperature is below 5°C or 41℉, slowly dissolve the lye into the soy milk. Pour the lye in portions and gently stir it in between. The color will change from off-white color to cream. That is normal. 

Remember that you need to gear up. Be careful not to burn your hands! It is especially important that you wear personal protective equipment like gloves, lab gown or apron or long sleeves, and safety glasses, when you make soap at home. Remember: Safety always comes first!

Once the lye is fully dissolved. Let it stand in the ice bath to cool down the lye-soymilk solution. I usually wait until it is around 27°C or 80℉. When you reach this temperature you are ready to make soap. 

Pour the lye-soymilk solution into the 5-oil blend. Slowly stir it until you reach an emulsion. Then add the fragrance. I decided to use oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance oil. Stir it again and add the oatmeal.

Once you observe thin to medium trace you can pour it into the soap mold. After 2 days i unmolded the soap. Then I cut the soap with a 1-inch multi soap cutter. I produced 5 bars of mildly scented non-dairy exfoliating soymilk oatmeal soap. It took me a total of almost two hours just to get all this done, from start to finish but it is worth it. Yeah, it smells so good!

We cannot make any claims in our soaps but adding all these extra ingredients is very good for label appeal. Plus, soap is a wash-off product.

Anyways, it’s still good to discuss the benefits of Soy milk. I love drinking soya milk because the beneficial effects of soy on skin health are vast. Soy proteins stimulate collagen production, delaying the formation of wrinkles or age spots. The vitamin E found within soy protein can combat dryness by restoring moisture to skin cells. Many people simply achieve youthful looking complexions by drinking one glass of soy milk per day. The fat, protein and vitamin contents of soy also add up to a healthy heart. 

For oatmeal. It is a healthy food that can be eaten for breakfast, but it also has benefits for your skin. Oatmeal is loaded with beta-glucans which are great for the skin because they help to heal dry skin and soothe irritated patches of eczema. The fiber in oatmeal helps keep the digestive system healthy. Oatmeal is a natural cleanser that clears out toxins from the body when used as an enema or bath soak. That is why some people prefer to take oatmeal baths on a regular basis. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and finally, oats are rich in vitamin E which protects cells from damage.

I hope that this post inspired you to make your very own soymilk and oatmeal soap too. If you do, i’d love to see your creations! Just tag me @clumsysoaper

Bye for now! It’s 11:44pm. Got to get some zzzzZZZZ!

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