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March 28, 2018
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March 30, 2018

Community Badges

Here we have a badge system to recognize our efforts. Joining our community and socializing with soap sisters and bubble brothers also counts. Let’s make our learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Note: Points gained in our badge system has no monetary equivalent and cannot be converted to cash, monetary gains or winnings. Sole purpose is to motivate us to learn in a fun, sporty and friendly manner.

Community BadgeDescription
Active Learner
Rewards active participation right here in our learning community. Complete quests, earn other badges, comment meaningfully on others' contributions and posts: all will contribute to your achievement of this internal community badge.
This badge recognizes someone who engages deeply with our online learning community, taking the time to share feedback and insights based on the contributions of others.
Community Activist
Rewarded to those who take full advantage of available opportunities to explore new information and exchange ideas with peers.
This nomination-based badge recognizes someone who develops innovative strategies and shares new perspectives.
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